Amazon Prime Day Prepper Deals

Specific Prime Day deals will be updated when we are allowed to share them on July 11th.

There are some big deals on prepping supplies and survival gear slated for this year’s Prime Day. Amazon drags plenty of stores in an all-out ‘sale war’ with Walmart, Target, and others joining the fray. But still, every year, Amazon blows it out of the water with their Prime member exclusive deals- even when it comes to survival and prepping.

Don’t just grab a great TV or Kindle deal- check out the options for your survival kits as well.

What is Prime Day?

Prime Day is a manufactured holiday originally created by Amazon to liquidate supply and increase ‘inventory turn’ on certain items. Since then, it has spawned a whole holiday similar to Black Friday where huge deals across all shopping categories are shared. One of the main differences is exclusivity though. Prime Day deals are only available to those that subscribe to Amazon Prime, but that is over 2/3 of households here in the US.

Most of the time the specifics on the deals are kept secret until they actually drop, although some affiliates and employees may know what products will be highlighted ahead of time. As affiliates ourselves, we have some insight into what will be going on sale although we can’t share the specific deal until it actually happens.

Prime ‘Day’ has evolved into a few days (similar to what Black Friday has done) and some Amazon competitors have stretched their own deals to a week.

Other retailers, like Target and Walmart, jump on the bandwagon and hold deal days of their own in the form of ‘Target Circle Week’ and ‘Walmart+ Week’.

What are the Best Prime Day Deals for Preppers?

The categories that the deals are focused on can vary, but the ones that are most applicable to prepping and survival fall into only a few.

Some of the key categories include:

The biggest deals are almost always in Amazon-branded products or ‘Amazon Basics’. There are a few gems that fall into that category that are worth the wait when it comes to prepper deals on Prime Day.

Amazon Basics Batteries

You can’t have too many batteries when it comes to preparedness. Plenty of obstacles can be overcome with a stash of batteries or a system of rechargeable batteries and power sources.

The Amazon Basics deals include:

Plus several other battery types and chargers for rechargeables. Prime Day prepper deals almost always include rock-bottom pricing for a wide range of batteries.

Solar Panels and Power Packs

Electronics are always a huge focus for Prime Day (and other big sales holidays), but that doesn’t just mean TVs and game consoles are on sale.

Here are a few things I have my eyes on for Prime Day this year:

If you are looking to upgrade your energy plan for emergencies solar panels and power packs are a must. They can be tough to find on sale throughout the year, so timing your energy upgrades for Prime Day can help your budget.

Outdoor Survival Prime Day Deals

Outdoor survival is a small but gear-intensive part of prepping (unless you are into primitive bushcraft), and there are some good deals on some of our top picks this year.

Some of the outdoor category items that have the best discounts include:

This list may grow/shrink as they have many of these on limited time and quantities through the Prime Days, so we’ll continue to update them to be current and add their sale pricing when we’re allowed.

Food Storage Deals

Whether you’re stashing food away or creating a sustainable garden, there are some good deals out there for the next few days.

Some of our favorites include:

These are some of the best deals around and may end up back-ordered or out of stock as the sale goes on.

The Final Word

We hope everyone had an awesome Fourth of July and was able to spend it with family and friends. There are plenty of great Prime Day prepper deals this year, and we hope that by making this list your shopping will go smoothly so you can get back to enjoying what you love.

If you are looking for more deals or gift ideas, check out our gift guides and free Kindle book list:

Keep exploring, stay prepared, and be safe.

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2023 Prime Day Prepping Deals

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