Prime Big Deal Days Prepper Deals

There are some big deals on prepping supplies and survival gear already live and in store for the first-ever Prime Big Deal Days.

Wait, didn’t we just go through Prime Day back in July? We sure did! Got some great savings on some survival gear we had our eye on too!

And apparently, Amazon just wants to dish out more savings because this Prime-only sale event is new this year. It does fill in the gap between Prime Day and the upcoming holiday season well though. My young kids have already started cruising through the Walmart and Target toy catalogs, so it’s not lost on me that we’re not far from the holidays.

But, don’t just grab early Christmas presents – check out the options for your survival kits as well!

Specific prepper Prime Big Deal Days deals will be updated when we are allowed to share them October 10-11.

What are Prime Big Deal Days?

We’re not quite sure. We know that Prime Day is a manufactured holiday used to liquidate a lot of Amazon’s overstock, but this Prime members-only sale seems to be just a sale gearing up for the holidays.

Honestly, the name could use some work. “Prime Big Deal Days” is clunky and hard to say, but we won’t argue with the deals they have slated.

Most of the time the specifics of the deals are kept secret until they actually drop, although some affiliates and employees may know what products will be highlighted ahead of time. As affiliates ourselves, we have some insight into what will be going on sale although we can’t share the specific deal until it actually happens.

So, we’ll update this page around 7 a.m. EST on October 11th and 12th with those deals and share some of the rare invite-only and early deals ahead of time below.

Best Prepper Prime Big Deal Days Deals

The categories that the deals are focused on can vary, but the ones that are most applicable to prepping and survival fall into only a few.

Some of the key categories include:

The biggest deals are almost always in Amazon-branded products or ‘Amazon Basics’.

Amazon Basics Supplies

20% off if you buy $40 or more on Amazon Basics supplies is music to any prepper’s ears. Stock up on batteries, wet wipes, trash bags, etc. All of the typical things that you don’t want to run out of.

Here is the promotion link that shows eligible products and what we suggest you check out:

  • Multipurpose black trash bags
  • Wet wipes
  • Paper towels/toilet paper
  • Ibuprofen, Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Multivitamins

Amazon Basics might be basic, but they hold up. Recently, our product review tests showed that the rechargeable batteries and the trash bags hold their own.

Solar Panels, Power Packs, and Security

Electronics are always a huge focus for Prime Day (and other big sales holidays), but that doesn’t just mean TVs and game consoles are on sale.

EcoFlow looks like it is at its deepest discount yet:

Anker has developed a pretty good portable solar panel as well.

Home security electronics are seeing a pretty big sale this year too:

Outdoor Survival Deals

Outdoor survival is a small but gear-intensive part of prepping (unless you are into primitive bushcraft), and there are some good deals on some of our top picks this year.

This list may grow/shrink as we can’t show them until they are live, but they also are limited quantity- so we’ll continue to update them to be current and add their sale pricing when we’re allowed.

Survival Movies

They have most of their movie assortment on sale, so if there are any movies you’ve been looking to see- now may be the time to pick them up (or rent them).

Several titles from our large survival movie list are offered, so it’s a good chance to catch up on any that you’ve been meaning to check out.

The Rover Guy Pearce

Food Storage Deals

Whether you’re stashing food away or creating a sustainable garden, there are some good deals over the course of Prime Big Deal Days.

Some of our favorites include:

These are some of the best deals around and may end up back-ordered or out of stock as the sale goes on.

The Final Word

We hope everyone had a great September and is in good health heading into the holidays. There are plenty of great Prime Big Deal Days prepper deals this year, and we hope that by making this list we could help you knock out some early holiday shopping or shore up some survival kits so you can get back to enjoying what you love.

If you are looking for more deals or gift ideas, check out our gift guides and free Kindle book list:

Keep exploring, stay prepared, and be safe.

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2023 Prime Big Deal Days Prepper Deals

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