The 10 Best Prepper YouTube Channels [2023]

This is an updated ranking of the current best prepper YouTube channels. Our first rankings were in 2016, and we will continue to update these rankings as creators keep producing content and as new channels emerge on the scene.

There are all sorts of prepping resources on the web, and YouTube is a treasure trove of great prepping videos. Here are the 10 best YouTube prepper channels that are worth checking out (plus several honorable mentions and some more in the comments).

Prepping, as a topic, is very broad so you’ll find that many of these channels are very different in terms of the content the creators make. This is why it makes sense to subscribe to more than just one- get out there and explore all of the free prepping knowledge YouTube has to offer.

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What is a Prepper?

A prepper is a regular person who prepares for emergencies or disasters by stockpiling supplies and developing skills to be self-sufficient. They want to be ready for the worst-case scenario and protect themselves and their family.

You can learn all bout what preppers are and what prepping is in our introduction: What is Prepping and What is a Prepper?

On YouTube, preppers share various survival skills, review prepping gear, and give advice on self-reliance. The best prepper YouTube creators do all of this but make it entertaining as well!

Living Survival YouTube Channel's Ben

10. Living Survival

Founded in 2013

183,000 subscribers

Previous rank = N/A

Ben lets us accompany him on his prepping adventures, and lets us really know what he thinks about the gear he reviews.

Prepare. Adapt. Survive. With Ben, of course! He reviews all the gear and has racked up over 37 million views doing so. If you are thinking about getting a specific survival item, Ben has probably reviewed it thoroughly in his video and actually taken it out and used it a ton.

He’s a good guy with great knowledge of survival tools and prepping in general.

Alaska Prepper YouTube Channel's Rudy Martinez

9. Alaska Prepper

Founded in 2013

203,000 subscribers

Previous rank = N/A

Rudy Martinez

Randy has been steadily building a following all the way up in Alaska, and it’s easy to see why. He’s a likable guy but he can get into a little bit of prepper prophesizing, which we discourage around here.

Some of his best videos involve pantry preps and reviewing the cheapest survival items for those on a budget.

PreparedMind101 YouTube Channel Chris Tanner

8. PreparedMind101

Founded in 2012

240,000 subscribers

Previous rank = 7

Chris Tanner loves bushcraft and knives, but also covered survival and preparedness on his channel.

Chris Tanner gives us a slew of survival topics but his love of knives is apparent. He has designed several of his own that you can buy: Jess-X, Jessmuk, Jessmuk-C, JX3, JX4, JX5, MK2 Leviathan, JX6, and JX Omega.

He covers a wide range of topics well, but his knife videos really excel just because you can tell he loves the art.

Survival on Purpose YouTube Channel with Bryan Stevens

7. Survival on Purpose

Founded in 2013

262,000 subscribers

Previous rank = N/A

Bryan Stevens runs this growing channel that casts a wide net on survival and prepping.

Bryan isn’t afraid of any topic and delves into every corner of preparedness. He is upfront and seeks out experts if he doesn’t have all of the information, which is very refreshing.

His channel has steadily grown over the last ten years by sharing common sense preparedness tips that can make your life and prepping projects easier.

The Urban Prepper YouTube Channel with Cliff

6. The Urban Prepper

Founded in 2011

284,000 subscribers

Previous rank = N/A

Cliff (The Urban Prepper) has taken a hiatus lately but isn’t done yet. He’s promised more once he’s settled into his new job.

Cliff is a great guy that is self-described as ‘prepper adjacent’ because he doesn’t get into the tactical aspects of prepping. He has built his own brand of prepping as many often do, and recognizes that everyone can have their own unique approach to preparedness.

He shares all of his interests with his fans and subscribers which shows how down-to-earth he really is. He enjoys building survival kits of all sizes, and those videos really highlight what he is about.

Survival Dispatch YouTube Channel

5. Survival Dispatch

Founded in 2016

306,000 subscribers

Previous rank = N/A

Survival Dispatch is a group of over 20 survivalists that work together as a network to publish content for the channel.

Survival Dispatch can be a little all over the place due to all of the contributors, but every video has one thing in common: it shares useful survival information. Some of the contributors, like Alan Kay (the winner of Alone’s season 1) are well-known heavy-hitters of the preparedness and survival circles.

Don’t miss out when a Survival Dispatch video drops- it’s a channel worth subscribing to.

Engineer775 YouTube Channel's Scott

4. Engineer775

Founded in 2008

321,000 subscribers

Previous rank = 8

Scott Hunt gets it done and can hack anything together. His channel has also climbed several spots since our last review.

Scott Hunt, the owner of Practical Preppers, has a stranglehold on prepper storage YouTube videos with his vast collection on his Engineer775 channel. Rusty and Scott are cut from the same cloth, both being engineers and preppers- and may have contributed to Engineer775 being our editor’s pick!

Scott’s videos teach you how to store anything you could want, from energy to water. You’ll definitely notice plenty of overlap between homesteading and off-grid skills as Scott continues to step his prepping up.

Sensible Prepper Sootch00 Don Porter

3. Sensible Prepper

Founded in 2014

799,000 subscribers

Previous rank = 4

Don Porter does more than just shoot guns as Sootch00, he also runs Sensible Prepper- one of the most successful prepping channels.

Sootch00 (Don Porter) reviews a lot of great prepping and survival gear on this channel. Tons of survival hacks can be found here too, which is great to expand your resourcefulness if SHTF.

He has been a big presence for prepping on YouTube for a while now and is somewhat of a stalwart among the large channels.

City Prepping YouTube Channel Kris

2. City Prepping

Founded in 2015

876,000 subscribers

Previous rank = N/A

Kris started his channel out of his California home and has plenty of relevant experience that he shares with his viewers.

Kris’ editing skills really bring prepping info to the next level in his videos. He doesn’t just share prepping information, he makes it interesting to watch. This separates him from the many others that emulate his style to lesser effect.

He is climbing the subscriber count faster than any other channel on here, so he is definitely one to watch to see if he can take the top spot in future roundups.

Canadian Prepper YouTube Channel

1. Canadian Prepper

Founded in 2014

983,000 subscribers

Previous rank = 14

Nate Polson, AKA Canadian Prepper, pops up the charts to the number one spot after championing prepping on YouTube over the last several years.

Survival situations and survival gear are what this channel is all about. The boys from America’s hat know how to prepare for anything, and are generous enough to let us take a look at their resourcefulness on YouTube. Physical fitness is a big deal for them, which cannot be stressed enough for prepping.

Nate Polson pairs his YouTube channel with his store, which gives him access to all sorts of awesome equipment and gear. The one downside to the Canadian Prepper channel is the constant fearmongering and prophesizing. When a prepper tells you a situation is ‘imminent’, they’ve gone too far- nobody can predict the future and they’re either delusional themselves or just trying to sell you stuff.

Nonetheless, Canadian Prepper is the largest prepping YouTube channel and he does put out some great content.

Honorable Mention Channels

These channels were reviewed and have good content, but did not have the subscriber count or active uploads to stack up against our top 10. Still, they may be a good option for you if you are looking for even more prepping YouTube channels:

  • Commsprepper – 34,400 subscribers – No politics, no weapons – just amateur radio as it applies to prepping. Straightforward and informational, this channel is great to check out if you are into HAM radio.
  • DEMCAD – 81,400 subscribers – A lot of politics, but this guy was ahead of the curve on the Flint, MI water crisis. He is in a very small minority as a black libertarian prepper and is very knowledgeable and speaks his mind. He posts a couple of times a week and is worth checking out.
  • funkyprepper – 100,000 subscribers – A former British Infantry soldier shares his knowledge on mostly Bug Out preps. There are several good survival gear reviews as well. This a great YouTube prepper resource if you are looking for something different.
  • VikingPreparedness – 173,000 subscribers – Just missed the top 10 by a beard hair. He has hit his stride as a YouTube contributor after blogging for many years and is constantly uploading informational, entertaining videos with an awesome beard.

The Final Word

Prepper YouTube channels are out there in droves, but these channels are the biggest and best you can find. If you are looking to try something new, give our editor’s pick a go. If you are looking for other mediums to explore prepping and survival topics, check out these rankings and roundups:

If you have any favorite channels that we may have missed or chose not to rank, weigh in below in the comment section. We’ll always take the time to review it before our next roundup and see where it stacks up.

Keep exploring, stay prepared, and be safe.

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Top 10 Prepper YouTube Channels

Rusty Collins

I am an engineer, Air Force veteran, emergency manager, husband, dad, and experienced prepper. I developed emergency and disaster plans around the globe and responded to many attacks and accidents as a HAZMAT technician. I have been exposed to deadly chemical agents, responded to biological incidents, and dealt with natural disasters. Check out my full story here: Rusty's Story

12 thoughts on “The 10 Best Prepper YouTube Channels [2023]

  • I’d love to see my channel included in your list of great YouTube channels. I just opened,cooked and ate beans that I’ve had stored for 11 years. I’ve built shotguns from junk laying around in my scrap bin. War hammers from mill right pikes. Battle axes from saw blades. I’ve drilled my own well by hand (sold the rights to that video to the history channel) I have an eclectic channel,but it alwYs revolves around preparedness ,gunsmithing, repair a nd rebuilding, making homemade weapons. I stay out of politics and religion 99.9% of the time. My channel name is bctruck.

  • Good list; well done! A TON of good information from many points of view.
    You’re doing a great job! Keep it up!

  • I’m 75 and have survived.

  • You missed one of the best, “City Prepper”

    • Yeah, this post has some age on it. We’ll be updating the rankings soon though!

  • I am new at this, but I believe in planning and preparing ahead. Where in Orlando, FL can I meet other preppers?

    • CONGRATULATIONS. Your epiphany may well save your life. Can’t help for FL support but wanted to caution you that not everyone is what they portray and devious folks hurt others. You must vet potential supporters. Trust but verify. Do be careful.

      I feel for you. We had a great support group where I live but it fell apart and I’m so glad I kept my plan to myself. Learned hard lesson. We’re now pretty much on our own.

  • Far too many of the top rated prepper channels are turning to fear for views and sponsors/paid promotion from chinese goods.
    I’ve been rather vocal about this on their youtube posts and they dismiss me… but they don’t dare delete my comments as I remind them that I’m taking screenshots.

    I”ll be starting my own channel and can even share with you my bashing of a company like readywise when they rejected my request for a free sample, then showing their reple when they found out I have over 3 million Tik Tok followers. (not like TT even matters in the real world)

    I’m not here for the money…. I’m here for the people.
    Sure, I won’t have fancy cameras or editors…. but who really does aside from Chinese corporate sellouts.

  • Although I haven’t watched 75% of the channels you ranked, I have watched several. A word of caution: Just because these channels are ranked in the top ten does not validate their claims or advice. In fact, one of the least sensible channels was promoting the spread of radiation from an EMP via the Gulf Stream to Atlantic Coastal states. At face value, this appears alarming but is completely ludicrous and incorrect from a physics standpoint. These kinds of alarming tidbits of unresearched and erroneous information could get someone killed. Do your own research. If something alarms you, dig into the topic yourself and learn the particulars. Many of these channels are complete garbage.

  • Full Spectrum Survival is a pretty good channel also.

  • Is this number 1 based on subscribers? CP USED to be a decent channel with some good info. It became fearmongering with all kinds of stuff that was going to happen “within the next 48-72 hours”. He knew this inside info thanks to his secret squirrel friends. After about the 3rd time (out of 50), he quickly became the boy who cried wolf in my eyes. Definitely hurt his credibility IMHO. Whatever it takes to eyeballs, I guess. The remainder of the list all have positives and negatives, but I would trust ANY of them over CP.

    • Yes, this is subscriber based. We list out some lower subscriber alternatives in the honorable mention section and highlight our favorites as editor picks. After watching these subscriber numbers for several years now, CP definitely knows how to earn those eyeballs with the YT algorithm, and that appears to be his primary goal.


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