The 10 Best Off-Grid Homesteading YouTube Channels

Homesteading and getting off-grid will never go out of style. People are always looking for ways to get back to the land, and the best off-grid homesteading YouTube channels let you live vicariously through them. By sharing their own love of self-sufficiency, these top creators can share off-grid tips, build complex off-grid setups, or just give you an escape.

Whether you are looking to learn or just relax, homesteading is a great rabbit hole to go down on YouTube. With a huge range of skills and techniques out there, you can always find fresh faces and content stepping up and sharing their love of the land.

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What is Homesteading?

Homesteading is the process of establishing a self-sufficient lifestyle by developing and maintaining a home or piece of land.

Homesteaders try to produce as much of their own food and resources as possible, using techniques like gardening, livestock rearing, and food preservation. They may also generate their own energy through methods like solar panels or wind turbines to go off-grid.

Homesteading practices can vary widely, from those who fully embrace a self-sufficient lifestyle to those who simply aim to live more sustainably and reduce their environmental impact. Even these top channels reflect the different approaches.

These YouTube channels all champion the homesteading lifestyle and the creators below express their love of off-grid self-sufficiency through the content they create.

Appalachia's Homestead with Patara YouTube Channel

10. Appalachia’s Homestead

Founded in 2014

429,000 subscribers

Patara goes over it all, homesteading and homeschooling out in the Appalachian mountains of Tennessee.

Head to the mountains to join Patara as she shows off her homestead. She has a slight prepper angle to her channel, talking occasionally about why she escaped suburbia for a homestead.

Her bread-and-butter topics include:

  • gardening
  • animal husbandry (esp. chickens)
  • food preservation (esp. canning)
  • homeschooling

She’ll tell you all about her homesteading YouTube channel the best:

Keeping it Dutch Homesteading YouTube Channel

9. Keeping it Dutch

Founded in 2007

430,000 subscribers

This family of 5 built an amazing off-grid house nestled in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains and filmed it all.

A nice homestead farmhouse, a bunker, and an entire farm- this family built it all while living out of an RV. While that was inspirational to watch, they continue to have adventures on wide-open acres.

Check out one of the most-viewed videos, their bunker install:

Becky's Homestead YouTube Channel

8. Becky’s Homestead

Founded in 2006

540,000 subscribers

Becky does it all and is your quintessential homesteader. She consistently drops content every week on a huge range of topics.

Becky is sweet-natured and a great hostess as she guides us around her homestead covering a huge range of topics. Self-sufficient, community-driven, and eco-friendly all drive her project scopes, and she explains along the way how you can accomplish it all too.

She has also authored a couple of books, so she is a vault of homesteading info.

Homesteading Family YouTube Channel

7. Homesteading Family

Founded in 2016

695,000 subscribers

Josh and Carolyn share a huge range of homesteading tips but really excel in whipping your garden and pantry into shape.

The Homesteading Family wants to help you increase your self-sufficiency and become healthier through their gardening, preserving, DIY projects, and traditional cooking videos.

Their motto is to help families grow, preserve, and thrive- and they are an excellent resource to get your pantry in order.

Arms Family Homestead YouTube Channel

6. Arms Family Homestead

Founded in 2011

767,000 subscribers

This small-town family is living their best life out in Oklahoma. Plus, the star of the show is occasionally a miniature donkey.

This family-first channel follows a small-town family as they strive for self-sufficiency and document the good times and the bad. They are a likable bunch with plenty to teach and plenty to share.

You’ll find yourself enamored with their animals as well, from loyal dogs to bison, and even mini donkeys.

Wild Wonderful Off-Grid YouTube Channel

5. Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

Founded in 2018

1,040,000 subscribers

Josh and Erin packed their three kids up and built an A-frame on plenty of acres in West Virginia, and it’s a blast to watch.

Our editor’s pick is Wild Wonderful Off-Grid, as this channel is good fun to watch and showcases the impressive A-Frame home they built from scratch in the mountains of West Virginia.

The most impressive part is that they did this while raising 3 young kids, which most of you parents out there know is a feat in itself.

Justin Rhodes YouTube Channel

4. Justin Rhodes

Founded in 2012

1,040,000 subscribers

The Rhodes family involves their kids as they tackle projects around the homestead, making this one of the top family-oriented homesteading channels.

The Justin Rhodes Show is all about family-friendly homesteading, so it doesn’t just show you how they’re getting around their homestead- it teaches some powerful life lessons along the way.

Their likable family is a joy to watch tackle obstacles, as they teach their kids the importance of hard work and share some laughs while they are at it.

Off Grid with Doug & Stacy YouTube Channel

3. Off Grid with Doug & Stacy

Founded in 2012

1,110,000 subscribers

Doug and Stacy make traditional homesteading look easy as they stick to a pioneer lifestyle- all the way down to Doug’s beard.

Homesteading and off-grid living may seem a little strange to most, but it was the only way to live not too long ago. Doug and Stacy harken back to a simpler time, but also show that it’s not that simple.

There can be interesting things to find in every detail of off-grid life, and their pioneer lifestyle is a breath of fresh air.

Off Grid w/ Jake & Nicolle

2. Off Grid w/ Jake & Nicolle

Founded in 2017

1,720,000 subscribers

A little bit of thirst trap, and a lotta bit of off-grid living, Jake and Nicolle are vloggers-turned-homesteaders with a massive following.

Jake and Nicolle are travel vloggers that settled down and built their own cabin. They are no strangers to what works for clicks and often get stuff done around their land without clothes on. Despite their ‘thirst trap’ thumbnails, they do get stuff done and challenge themselves with a wide range of projects.

They have a small family now with the addition of a little boy, and they continue to explore homesteading and the outdoors.

Wranglerstar YouTube Channel

1. Wranglerstar

Founded in 2010

2,260,000 subscribers

The self-proclaimed professional homeowner has the biggest following to pair with consistent content from his huge video library.

The big one, Wranglerstar has grown into a massive channel over the years as Cody Crone left his urban life and documents his adventures along the way. He has a ton of resources at his disposal at this point, raking in an estimated $2,000 per day just in YouTube ads alone.

As an engineer, I really appreciate his tool tests and reviews, but he has gone down some impractical rabbit holes, like ‘Earthing’, where you ground your bed with metal strips.

Nonetheless, he and his family sport the biggest and best homestead channel.

Honorable Mention Channels

These channels were reviewed and have good content, but did not have the subscriber count or active uploads to stack up against our top 10. Still, they may be a good option for you if you are looking for even more off-grid or homesteading YouTube channels:

  • Acre Homestead – 416,000 subscribers and great content – Becky shows us how it’s done out in Washington state.
  • Guildbrook Farm – 343,000 subscribers – our neighbors out here in North Carolina have been building up a following.
  • Better Together Homestead – 252,000 subscribers – a family-first channel with wholesome homesteading content.
  • Homesteady – 248,000 subscribers – with a ton of how-to videos, this couple is serious about sharing homesteading tips.

The Final Word

Homesteading and Off-Grid YouTube channels are out there in droves, but these channels are the biggest and best you can find. If you are looking for other mediums to explore prepping and survival topics, check out these rankings and roundups:

Plus, if you’re looking to start your own homestead- you might want to pick up some free land: How to Get Free Land in the US (and Canada).

If you have any favorite channels that we may have missed or chose not to rank, weigh in below in the comment section. We’ll always take the time to review it before our next roundup and see where it stacks up.

Keep exploring, stay prepared, and be safe.

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Top 10 Off-Grid Homesteading YouTube Channels

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