Labor Day Survival and Prepping Gear Sales

Specific Labor Day deals will be updated when we are allowed to share them as they go live throughout the period.

Summer is ebbing away, but that means my favorite season (fall is getting closer and that end-of-season sales are upon us. The summer-ending sales that line up with Labor Day are great because you can usually find discounted outdoor gear which always comes in handy for survival and prepping.

Labor Day hits Monday, September 4th this year but the deals have already begun and some (but not all) last through the end of the week.

BladeHQ Labor Day Sale

BladeHQ is running a Labor Day Sale on over 700 knives, with some of them being great steel. You can find their full sale here: BladeHQ Labor Day Sale.

Some of our favorite knives on sale include:

With plenty of brands, blade types, and steels on sale you’ll probably find something you’re going to like.

Gerber Gear End of Summer Sale

While Gerber doesn’t top many of our reviews, we might think twice if their gear was 50% all the time. This sale is blowing out all sorts of great gear including knives, axes, and multitools.

We suggest checking out:

There are over 45 things to check out on the Gerber Gear 50% Off Sale page.

5.11 20% Off Sale

A blanket percentage off everything over at the 5.11 site isn’t a bad deal. We have several of their bags topping our various bug out bag tests and reviews. Some of our favorites include:

5.11 Tactical COVRT18 2.0 Gray Man Stealth Backpack

5.11 COVRT18 2.0 Backpack

5.11 Tactical Rush 2.0 Backpack

5.11 RUSH72 2.0 Backpack

5.11 Maverick Assaulters Belt

Maverick Assaulters Belt

Mira Safety Gas Masks

Mira Safety is running 20% off on specific categories leading up to Labor Day, but the day after is the big day. Use the code LABORDAYMIRA20 on September 5th to get 20% off gas masks, Geiger counters, and even a MOPP suit.

As you can see, they perform well and top out a few of our reviews:

Mira Safety CM-6M Gas Mask

MIRA CM-6M Gas Mask

MIRA Safety MOPP Suit


MIRA Safety MB-90 PAPR


You won’t find many discounts throughout the year on this type of gear, so it’s a pretty good pickup even if it’s not outdoor gear.

The Final Word

We hope everyone had an awesome summer and was able to spend some time with family and friends. There are plenty of great Labor Day prepper deals this year, and we hope that by making this list your shopping will go smoothly so you can get back to enjoying what you love.

If you are looking for more deals or gift ideas, check out our gift guides and free Kindle book list:

Keep exploring, stay prepared, and be safe.

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Labor Day Prepping & Survival Deals

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