Cyber Monday Prepping Deals [2022]

Cyber Monday is the big online shopping follow-up to Black Friday. The two sales used to be segmented between online stores and brick-and-mortar, but there is plenty of overlap these days. Black Friday obviously started out as the big sale day. But Cyber Monday has grown in importance over the years as online shopping has grown. Cyber Monday prepping deals are just as good as Black Friday sales, especially online.

The biggest (and best) difference between Cyber Monday and Black Friday is that with Cyber Monday there are no crowds. You won’t find mobs of people online and you won’t have to wait in the cold to be the first in a store. Shop online at home and get just as good deals. We go through the ads to find the best deals for the holiday to get you prepared for Cyber Monday.

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The Good Cyber Monday Prepping Deals

Door Armor is a great way to improve your home security without breaking your bank account. For Cyber Monday, it’s an even better deal with a blanket 20% off all of their door security hardware. The holidays are an active time for criminal activity, and there is not much that will put a damper on your cheer and joy like a break-in.

They have a wide range of options as far as pricing goes, and any of their hardware drastically improves your protection against door breaching. We did an extensive review of the best door reinforcement kits, and Armor Concepts came out on top. Reinforce your doors this Christmas season and take advantage of a good Cyber Monday deal at the same time:

The Great Cyber Monday Prepping Deals

Legacy Food Storage killed it with their Black Friday sale, but you haven’t missed out yet! They are still running the sale, but a lot of their kits are sold out at this point. Luckily, they aren’t out of stock of everything: the larger kits are actually some of the better deals when you are counting cost-per-calorie, and you won’t find a better price all year.

We recently rated Legacy as the best prepper food kit option. They edge out the competition in value, so any time you can find their products on sale makes them an even better deal. If they weren’t back ordered or sold out of most kits they would be much higher on this list. Even still, if you are looking for long-term food storage solutions, it is definitely worth checking out their extended sale:

The Best Cyber Monday Prepping Deals

Amazon is still the titan when it comes to Cyber Monday. They ramp up to it earlier and earlier every year, but they still hold the better sales for the day itself. The TVs and electronics are some of their most popular items on Cyber Monday, but there are tens of thousands of items on sale.

I prefer to select ‘sporting goods’ or ‘home improvement’ categories to find all of the great survival and prepping gear that they list.

A few things I have my eyes on this year:

  • A $10 Hiking Backing (40L capacity) with 5-star reviews
  • A $6 Gerber EDC Knife
  • A $35 Game Camera
  • A $30 Heavy Duty Storage Rack

It definitely is more work than some of the other stores we list in this article since you have to hunt for what you want. If you’re willing to give it some time and hunt down what you need to finish off your prepping and survival kits, Amazon will reward you with great prices on Cyber Monday. Check out the deals here:

The INSANE Cyber Monday Prepping Deals

eBay must be feeling a little ‘deal envy’ the last few years because they are breaking out all the stops this year with their “Cyber 5” events. They are slashing prices on everything- even brands that usually don’t see huge discounts like DeWalt, Bose, Samsung, etc…

They have the event split up into 4 sections spread over 5 days that open up discounts at specific times:

  • Thanksgiving Day Deals start Nov 26 at 12 am PT
  • Best Friday Ever Deals start Nov 26 at 3 pm PT
  • Cyber Weekend Deals start Nov 28 at 12 am PT
  • Cyber Monday Deals start Nov 29 at 3 pm PT

You may be used to going to eBay for used tools and equipment, but this insane sale shows that eBay is trying to compete with Amazon, and is willing to give insane discounts on new products to get there. Check out the deals after they open up in each window:

The Final Word

We hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving and was able to spend it with family and friends. There are plenty of great deals this year for Cyber Monday, and we hope that by making this list your shopping will go smoothly so you can get back to enjoying family and friends.

A few of the Black Friday Deals are still live, so you can check up on those as well. If you are looking for more gift ideas and deals, check out our guides:

Keep exploring, stay prepared, and be safe.

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Cyber Monday Prepping Deals

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