Black Friday Prepping Deals [2021]

** This post is updated each year for the latest Black Friday prepping deals- this is now our 4th year our team is bringing you the best deals **

Black Friday has become one of the best times of the year to buy stuff. “Doorbusters” lure us in to kick start their holiday shopping. Prepping supplies are no exception. You can find all sorts of survival gear on sale during Black Friday. The downside of all this is obviously the traffic and the in-store ‘mobs’. I don’t particularly care to get caught up with any of that mess, and online deals have spread out past the traditional Cyber Monday- even into Black Friday itself.

If you do feel the need to go out into the insane crowds, we urge you to shop local and find good deals from the little guys. The crowds should be less, the deals just as good, and the money stays in your hometown. We scanned over all of the best survival and prepping finds and listed them out below. So if you are making a wish list or have a few preppers to buy some Christmas presents for- check them out below!

The Good Black Friday Prepping Deals

One of the up-and-comers for Black Friday deals is the online megastore that is Amazon. They run deals for the entire Black Friday week, and then just keep going for the entire Cyber Monday week. Some of the stuff is Chinese junk- so don’t go on a spending spree without doing a little research.

I like to narrow it down by checking out the sports and outdoors category. It’s always changing based on stock and availability, so we can’t just list one good deal, but you can be sure they are out there. Camping lanterns, LED flashlights, backpacking packs, and gun holsters are a few of the deals I’ve found in the past. Check out their deals and countdown here:

The Great Black Friday Prepping Deals

Olight makes some one of the best weapon, tactical, and EDC flashlights and have an enormous catalog. They have flash sales pretty often, but they are going all out for this year’s Black Friday event. They are giving away FREE i1R 2 EOS lights between November 25-30th, $5 credits for social media shout outs, and unlimited credits for even more shout outs.

Whether you are looking for a weapon light, headlamp for your bug out bag, or and EDC option- Olight has you covered this year. The lights make great gifts, so you can knock out some holiday shopping while you are at it. Between the free giveaway and the credits you can earn just by sharing their deal, you could drop a top-of-the-line torch in everyone’s stocking this year. Check out their Black Friday deals here:

The Best Black Friday Prepping Deals

Field Supply lists great deals throughout the year, and is often featured in our daily deal hunts. They have all sorts of stuff, ranging from clothes to survival food buckets

They source gear in bulk and sell it at the best prices so they can pass along the savings. This year they have really stepped up the ante for Black Friday. They’ve finally started their Black Friday sale (no early deals), and it is 100 of their best selling items up to 70% off! Some of our favorites include:

  • Pelican cases and bags over 50% off starting at $12
  • Blackhawk ammo pouches over 50% off starting at $5
  • Gerber folders up to 70% off
  • A $4 fire starter
  • Tons of hunting gear (of course)

Check it out quickly, a lot of the gear is already starting to sell out even though the sale was just launched:

The Insane Black Friday Prepping Deals

Capping our Black Friday finds is Legacy Food Storage. The pandemic and the recent election has strained their supply chain, but they are still shipping and have an excellent sale lined up. They are running a 20% off sale that started November 15, and look to be running it until they just run out of everything- which will be well before Black Friday.

They have been sold out for most of 2020 and are struggling to meet demand, so I’m not quite sure why they are running such a good sale on emergency food kits that everyone is buying anyways. I guess that’s why it’s insane! We’ve reviewed plenty of food storage brands, and found Legacy Food Storage to be the best: The Best Prepper Food Kits for Long Term Storage.

They sale is for as long as supplies last, and shipment time can get backed up pretty darn quickly so I would jump on this deal well before Black Friday. Use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY to unlock the 20% off and free shipping.

The Final Word

Finding good deals for Black Friday or Cyber Monday can be fun and rewarding, but don’t lose track of the reason we are celebrating in the first place. Coming together with your family should come first, if you are fortunate enough to have them around.

Be sure to also check out our round up of the Cyber Monday exclusive prepping deals.

Let us know in the comments if you know of any other great deals we may have missed. Keep exploring, stay prepared, and be safe.

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Black Friday Prepping Deals


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