The 10 Best Survival Subscription Boxes [2023]

You can get anything by subscription these days: food, hygiene products, and you guessed it- survival gear. ‘Survival gear’ is a broad term that encompasses tactical, outdoors, knives, firearms- many types of gear can be focused on. And it turns out that there are good subscription boxes for all of them. Here are the 10 best survival subscription boxes that are worth checking out (plus some honorable mentions and a few editor’s picks).

Subscription boxes continue to grow every year. Forbes noted that subscription box revenue almost doubled between 2021 and 2022, so it’s safe to say this convenient way of shopping and gift-giving isn’t going away anytime soon. Still, there is a big difference between some boxes and the best survival subscription boxes at the top of our list. But, let’s go ahead and get to the awesome survival gear that gets shipped out.

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Why Get a Subscription Box?

You may think you’ve seen it all, but we guarantee you haven’t.

We’ve been reviewing survival gear and sharing our preparedness knowledge for the better part of a decade now and continue to encounter new gear and learn new things every day.

One of the easiest ways to keep up with new gear is with a fire-and-forget survival subscription box. Have the research done for you and get curated kits to your door every month (or quarter, if that’s more your speed).

Millions of preppers and survivalists subscribe to at least one type of box at this point, and there are a handful of good brands to pick from.

Below, we list out the top 10 subscription boxes in order of popularity, with a few highlighted editor’s picks.

Prep Boxes Emergency Preparedness Subscription Box

10. Prep Boxes

Founded in 2022, based in Pekin, Illinois

Preparedness Gear

Previous rank = N/A

A good blend of general preparedness gear puts Prep Boxes on the map and on our list.

Prep Boxes is relatively new compared to the others on our list but is rather unique in that they focus more on emergency preparedness as a whole. They offer monthly subscriptions that range from $60 to $100, so there isn’t much of a drawback going from their ‘Essentials’ plan to their ‘Summit’ plan.

The subscription that makes the most sense is probably their food storage plan, which is the 7-Day Consumables Box. Many people under-prepare with food storage, so this can be an easy way to bolster your pantry with shelf-stable and convenient packs.

SHTF Survival Subscription Box

9. SHTF Survival

Founded in 2019, based in Moultrie, GA

Survival Gear

Previous rank = N/A

Guaranteed 2x value gives you a good deal on a wide range of survival-oriented equipment

The SHTF Survival plan is owned and run by the survival gear retailer CH Kadels, so they pack a wide range of gear. With costs starting at $20 and going up to $90 for the Elite subscription, none of the plans are all that expensive. The gear they include is always worth at least twice the cost, per their retail prices.

Nutrient Survival Subscription Box

8. Nutrient Survival

Founded in 2016, based in Reno, Nevada

Food Storage and Drink Mixes

Previous rank = N/A

Subscribe to your favorite Nutrient Survival shakes, meals, and hydration mixes to get monthly boxes over 20% off.

Nutrient Survival isn’t just subscriptions, they also happen to rank highly in our best food storage company roundup review with long shelf life food that isn’t just there for calorie count but also is packed full of nutrition. Certain items in their catalog can be shipped monthly on a subscription basis.

This is one of the underrated and under-used survival subscription services, and as an editor’s pick, we hope to see it climb the rankings in future reviews.

Their offerings really excel for mobile survival kits and getting a subscription to Nutrient Survival is a smart way to improve your kits and overall preparedness.

Barrel and Blade Subscription Box

7. Barrel & Blade

Founded in 2017, based in McDonough, Georgia

Tactical Survival Gear

Previous rank = N/A

With a tactical focus on survival gear, Barrel and Blade offers a few plans that can interest survivalists.

Starting at $50 and topping out at $100, Barrel & Blade is predictable in what they supply. They offer a range of tactical equipment but are mostly focused on firearms attachments and knives. One of their $100 plan levels is exclusively knives, with a knife-of-the-month option.

Realistically, we found better tactical options that are more popular (so they are further up the list). If you are looking for a focus on blades and weapons attachments it could be a pick for you.

Steel to Reel Subscription Box

6. Steel to Reel

Founded in 2019, based in Carnegie, Pennsylvania

Survival Gear

Previous rank = N/A

Dakota Meyer heads this outfit and happens to be the first living US Marine in 41 years to earn a Medal of Honor.

First things first: regardless of the box, Dakota Meyer is a legend.

But, that doesn’t necessarily translate to high-quality gear and value in a subscription box. While we’re veterans and huge proponents of supporting veterans, we still look at practicality. One issue we have is the lack of transparency of these kits. It’s difficult to find specific explanations of past boxes so we couldn’t peg it’s value easily.

The monthly plans range from $45 – $130 and the quarterly plan is $400. Plenty of people subscribe to this box though, so it hits our #6 spot, regardless if the contents seem somewhat of a mystery.

Apocabox Subscription Box

5. Apocabox

Founded in 2019, based in Central Indiana

Wilderness Survival Gear

Previous rank = N/A

Bi-monthly subscription to hand-picked survival gear by the legendary Creek Stewart.

Creek Stewart is somewhat of a bushcraft and survival legend, heading up one of the premier wilderness schools and authoring plenty of guides. These boxes are curated around specific survival skills every other month and are just beautiful to look at.

There are two main plan levels at $50 and $75, but the way the gear is curated is top-notch quality. This one we are surprised more people haven’t gotten involved with yet, and expect it to climb our rankings in future reviews.

Nomadik Subscription Box

4. The Nomadik

Founded in 2016, based in San Diego, California

Outdoor Adventure Gear

Previous rank = N/A

With huge versatility in their outdoor gear, filling out the profile survey will let them focus on survival.

Nomadik mostly focuses on outdoor gear, but they offer a choice on what the focus is on. You can adjust this from general outdoor gear, like water bottles and sunglasses, or switch it up to survival-focused gear by filling out their profile survey. Most get the monthly subscription, but you can also opt for the quarterly box to save some money.

This makes their boxes versatile since they cover virtually anyone with interests remotely associated with the outdoors. Filling out the survey accurately and selecting the ‘Wilderness Prep‘ box will have you heading down the survival-oriented subscription path.

Clubtac Subscription Box

3. Clubtac

Founded in 2017, based in Lewes, Delaware

Tactical Survival Gear

Previous rank = N/A

A military-first type of survival box with plenty of high-quality tactical gear and a unique ‘rank’ system for loyal subscribers.

Clubtac wears its stripes on its sleeves putting military gear front and center. Monthly subscriptions span $39 – $124 per month, and the massive quarterly Legendary box is $549,

This subscription is obviously great for veterans, or those that are military or tactical enthusiasts. From the gear to the rewards program, everything is military-themed and well-executed.

Crate Club Subscription Box

2. Crate Club

Founded in 2016, based in New York, New York

Tactical Survival Gear

Previous rank = N/A

With a focus on tactical operations gear, Crate Club partners with some high-quality brands to deliver the goods.

Crate Club offers monthly or quarterly ‘crates’ that span between $50 and $200 monthly cost, and their quarterly General box runs $400. Clubtac is similar with the military theme, but Crate Club has been around longer and leans into general tactical equipment more.

The boxes are not filled with ‘filler’ gear- they focus on sourcing high-quality gear from recognizable brands, which also makes them one of the more expensive options. If you are looking for a tactical survival subscription box, Crate Club won’t disappoint.

Battlbox Subscription Box

1. Battlbox

Founded in 2015, based in Statesboro, Georgia

Tactical Survival Gear

Previous rank = N/A

The brand to beat continues to dominate survival-oriented subscription boxes as it closes in on a decade of ‘missions’.

Battlbox is the big boy of survival subscription boxes, and the biggest by far. They work with a huge range of brands and consistently push boundaries with their various mission-themed boxes.

They have a show on Netflix as well, Southern Survival, which is worth watching if you are into survival TV shows.

Their subscriptions run monthly and cost between $35 and $170, so they are not back-breaking expensive like some of the other boxes on our list. If you are looking for a no-brainer winner of a subscription box, Battlbox fits the bill.

Honorable Mention Boxes

These subscription boxes didn’t quite make the top 10 or are no longer shipping customers anymore. Still, they are worth getting down to let people know we considered them in the ranking.

  • Alpha Outpost – Founded in 2015, based in Illinois – There isn’t much evidence of people subscribing to this box anymore. It seems they are focused on spicy memes now, which we can’t blame them for.
  • Never Enough Tactical – It looks like this box that started in 2016 folded before 2020 claiming issues with Facebook ads. It tried to launch a comeback in 2022 under the name Lyfe Crate with an Indigogo campaign that petered out before it even started.
  • Survival Skill of the Month Club – another one from Creek Stewart, this is a PDF either mailed or digitally delivered at a low cost. It’s not technically a box, but it does help you learn some survival skills and get you out of your comfort zone.
  • TacPack – With boxes from $40-$140, we admittedly just didn’t get around to checking these guys out. While it does look like they offer AR parts and other firearm-related tactical gear, they do stuff boxes with clothes from time to time.

The Final Word

Subscription boxes can be a great way to get out of your comfort zone with new gear and skills. Having curated boxes arrive on your doorstep is much more useful than most preppers realize. Plus, they always make great gifts for that prepper who has everything.

Here are some other guides our subscribers have found helpful:

If you have any favorite subscription box that we may have missed or chose not to rank, weigh in below in the comment section. We’ll take the time to review it before our next roundup and see where it stacks up.

Keep exploring, stay prepared, and be safe.

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Top 10 Survival Subscription Boxes

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