8 Tools Women Carry That Every Prepper Should Have

If an item is already carried by so many, there is probably some basic utility in it. Taking a closer look at some of these items show even more utility in some, which may compel even men to carry some of these feminine tools. While some of these are not normally seen as ‘women items’, they are often found in purses and carried on women- more so than men.

Men should, however, recognize the utility in these items and consider carrying them as well- even if it is to just help a lady in need. They may find the utility goes well beyond that when SHTF and they have an extra at their disposal. Here is the list of eight tools women carry that every prepper should have:

1/8 Chapstick


Chapstick is basically a tube of wax, which is a very useful substance. Whether you prefer Bert’s Bees lip balm, ChapStick, or to make your own, these little tubes have many uses for their relative size and weight. When carrying an item everyday or looking at items to include in bug out bags, weight and size is very important. Tiny chapstick tubes are the perfect addition to anyone’s everyday kit. Check out SensiblePrepper’s YouTube video for 20 uses for chapstick.

2/8 Elastic Hair Ties

Hair Ties

Basically, a hair tie is like an elastic version of paracord. You can use them to tightly close bags, as cordage, and to hold up hair. You can use them to secure important items to you. A couple contestants on the survival TV show Alone could’ve used a few to keep track of their ferro rods!

3/8 Compact Makeup Mirror

Compact Makeup Mirror

A mirror can be used for signaling, firestarting, and making sure that hairdo stays fresh. They allow you to look around corners without exposing yourself, and to check areas of your body you will never be able to see. The case on makeup mirrors provide a little protection for the fragile glass. The compact makeup mirror case also can double as an inconspicuous place to store things as well. If you are worried about the bulk  of the case or the mirror breaking, a survival mirror may be a better choice. They are basically the same thing, but the survival signal mirror is smaller, lighter, and more durable.

4/8 Tampons


You knew the list had to get here, and a tampon is one of the most versatile items women normally carry. While it’s uses for helping gunshot wounds are over exaggerated (please never attempt to shove one of these in a gunshot wound!), there are many other uses that make this tool useful for everyone to consider carrying. You can use it to filter large sediment out of water, as fire kindling, or as a dressing for a wound. Not to mention if anyone ever needs a tampon for it’s intended purpose, you can supply one and be her hero.

5/8 Maxi Pads

Maxi Pad

The older sister of the tampon, the maxi pad has many practical uses as well beyond what it was intended. It too can be used as kindling and a wound dressing. You can also use them as extra padding, and the tape on them makes them uniquely useful for more situations than you would expect.

6/8 Corn Huskers Lotion

Corn huskers lotion is an essential part of a bug out bag- right up there with spare socks. Chapped, cracked, and irritated skin could spiral out of control without lotion or medical attention. If you get sweaty feet when hiking, regardless of the breathability of your boots- this lotion combined with spare socks will make your life much more tolerable. Trench foot is painful and dangerous, and corn huskers lotion can easily stave it off.

7/8 Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has many prepping uses. Some unconventional uses include removing clothes stains and glue. It can also be used as a fire starting aid, as it has a high amount of alcohol in it. Using it for sanitary purposes is also important, since hygiene can become especially important during a pandemic.

8/8 Bobby Pins

Bobby Pins

Great for pinning hair out your face and useful for picking locks, a few bobby pins can be a great covert lockpicking set. Learning to pick locks is a great idea since it is a useful skill to have for emergency situations. Buying a clear lock, and then learning to pick it is actually pretty easy. This will give you the basic idea of how locks work and may even get you into a new hobby.

The Final Word

Hopefully this list provided you some insight on everyday items that you may possibly want to add to your every day carry kit. They do not weigh much or take up a lot of space, so there is good value and functionality for their size. Keep preparing and as always, stay safe.

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8 Tools Women Carry That Every Prepper Should Have

Rusty Collins

I am an engineer by day, but a prepper 24/7. I am an Air Force veteran that developed emergency and disaster plans as an emergency manager and responded to many attacks and accidents as a HAZMAT technician. I have been exposed to deadly chemical agents, responded to biological incidents, and dealt with natural disasters worldwide. Check out my full story here: Rusty's Story

5 thoughts on “8 Tools Women Carry That Every Prepper Should Have

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  • When buying hair ties, try to purchase ones that are NOT made in China. Whether or not the rumours of what they are made of are true, best not to risk it…

  • Hair ties – get the ones with no metal on/in them! Sanitary pads – they come in many thicknesses. The thicker ones are fantastic for bleeding, weeping wounds. You can also get tubes, like chapstick but a bit bigger, of cocoa butter.

  • dont forget you can also buy the tubes and make your own chapstick with beeswax and coconut oil with some vit E in it, add some scents and colors and viola! that way you can make plenty and not have to worry about it!

  • I now think my purse,whic h I carry when I step out my door, is arsenal. The usual armament, 6 inch flip utility knife,lighter,mirror, chapstick,pads container water proof matches,window punch,ink pen on one end a metal jag on other. My key ring a plastic arrow head that fits between my fingers a dog whistle,sanitizer, latex gloves,alcohol wipes,masks, two paracords attached too compass/watch, with moon phase,world time,bandanas, strap on purse beco m es belt. Weight of purse a weapon so is keys
    I can unzip produce any object in less than 2 seconds. Really less time but I am giving the bad guy a chance, LMAO


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