Survival Deals and Coupons for Preppers [Updated Daily]

Survival Deals and Coupons for Preppers

This is a dynamic guide curated by all of our authors. Survival Deals and Coupons for Preppers is constantly being updated with more savings, deals, and coupons. Check back daily for updates.

We know that stretching your dollar can go a long way when it comes to preparedness, so we hunt down and share the best prepper deals on the internet. Stop by this page frequently to get great prepping gear for less.

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Daily Prepping Deals

We wake up and scrape all of the best sources to find you the best daily deals on prepper and survival gear each and every day.

Some Black Friday deals are already underway. Plus, there are plenty of sales leading into it with Veterans Day and ‘pre-Black Friday’ deals on survival, tactical, and outdoor gear.

Amazon has announced that they will be running deals from November 17 through November 27, so we’ll be updating with specifics throughout those days.

Cyber Monday Prepping and Survival Gear Sales

Black Friday doesn’t monopolize all the deals though, we still have some listed below and even more coming up for Cyber Monday, although the two sales definitely bleed together this year.

Latest Deals

Augason Farms Daily Deals

Augason Farms is the cheapest emergency food storage when you can find it on sale. We watch the sales for you so you don’t have to so that you can stock up on one of our top-rated emergency food suppliers.

Ammo Daily Deals

Stockpiling ammo whenever it’s cheap (and in stock) is a smart idea, so we monitor the best prices for you. Check back frequently as we ferret out the best deals online constantly:

CaliberRoundsType$/RoundTotal Price
9MM100124 GRAIN FMJ$0.26$25.99 @ PSA
9MM1000115 GRAIN FMJ$0.24$239.99 @ AD
5.562055 GRAIN FMJ-BT$0.45$8.99 @ PSA
2232055 GRAIN FMJ-BT$0.42$8.49 @ PSA
22LR32540 GRAIN$0.06$19.99 @ PSA
7.62X391000124 GRAIN FMJ$0.50$499.99 @ AD
380 ACP100095 GRAIN FMJ$0.30$299.99 @ AD
45 ACP50230 GRAIN FMJ$0.40$19.99 @ PSA
40 S&W50180 GRAIN FMJ$0.32$15.99 @ PSA
12GA25 1-1/8 OZ #7.5 SHOT$0.36$8.99 @ PSA
12GA2507/8 OZ #8 SHOT$0.31$76.99 @ AD
20GA2515/16 OZ #7.5 SHOT$0.32$7.99 @ PSA

If you are looking for even more survival deals, we’ll show you where to find them below.

Amazon, Walmart, and eBay Survival Deals

These are three of the major retailers for prepping gear online, and there is a science to finding discounted gear. Amazon is a great choice for branded gear, whereas eBay excels as a place to dig for genuine military items (outdoor gear, gas masks, MREs). Walmart is a good option if you have one locally, but can also ship to you now.

We use these search links to find our daily deals, so if you’re looking to do a little deal research on your own, these should help you out:

Survival Stores’ Sale Pages

It’s a lot like the clearance sections in retail stores- sale pages and clearance sections are at most online retailers, but you have to know where to look. Well, you had to know where to look because we’ve found them all and listed them out below. Bookmark this page and survival shopping will be that much easier.

  • Food Storage & Survival Food
    • Valley Food Storage Sale Page – Clearance and food storage kits on sale.
    • Nutrient SurvivalFree Offers – Nothing quite as cheap as free.
  • Water Solutions
    • Rain Harvest Closeouts – Find your perpetual water solution on the cheap with closeout cisterns, storage tanks, and rain barrels.
  • Survival Kits, Packs, Gear, & Clothes
    • Uncharted Supply CoSale Items Page – Sales are hard to find with Uncharted since they are the top pre-made kit supplier on the market.
    • 5.11 Sale Page – Looking for bags and tactical clothing? 5.11 hits several of our top and upgrade picks in our reviews, so it’s always a good spot to check.
    • 3V GearSale Page – Packs and pouches are the specialty here, and you can find good deals on EDC and day packs.
    • TilleySale Page – Tilley is the clear leader of wide-brim hats, and the sale page is always a great spot to check for deals.
    • Survival Frog Clearance and Sale Page – Survival Frog always has this page loaded up with deals- they seem to turn their inventory very quickly.
    • MyMedicClearance Page – Medical focus, but you can find other survival gear here too.
    • BattlBox Sale Page – Overstock from their subscription boxes- you can find some solid deals here!
  • Knives & Tools
    • Buck KnivesWeb Specials – Find great folders, fixed blades, and accessories on clearance direct from Buck Knives.
    • CIVIVI Flash Sale Page – Great deals on their well-known folding knives.
    • Blade HQSale Page – Clearance and discontinued knives plus plenty of other survival gear can be found here.
    • SOG – Sale Page – SOG (Studies and Observation Group) is well known for knives and multitools, but they have an entire storefront full of outdoor survival gear.
  • Guns, Ammo, & Accessories
    • Alien Gear Holsters – Deals Page – Even the best holsters go on sale occasionally.
    • Bear Creek ArsenalDeals Den – Rifle uppers/lowers, pistols, ammo- don’t sleep on the deals from these guys down the road from us.
    • Guns.comClearance Page – Their warehouse clearance is the best place to find deeply discounted deals on ammo, rifles, etc.
    • MagpulSale Page – Well known for their mags and other firearm accessories, there is always a deal worth checking out!
    • Optics PlanetDeals Page – Find deals early and often where they have something for every gun owner.
    • Palmetto State ArmoryDaily Deals – PSA has come a long way from being a small regional store- now they are one of the most trusted and affordable dealers.
    • Sig SauerSale Page – The well-known firearm manufacturer sells accessories direct and constantly has sales running.
  • Lights
    • OLIGHT Flash Sale Page – With a huge catalog and an oddly large fanbase, this light dealer drops great deals all the time.
    • Nitecore Super Deals – They only rotate a few products through their heaviest deals, but they are good pick-ups.
  • Home Security
    • Armor Concepts – Clearance Page – Improve your door security is already cheap- so it’s great to find even cheaper options!
  • Financial Preparedness
    • Money Metals – Overstock Liquidation Page – Finding bullion for less than spot value is difficult, but Money Metal’s overstock page makes it easy.
    • Robinhood InvestingGet a Free Stock – Still one of the best options for starting out, they’ll give you free stock in a top company like Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.

Prepper Coupon Deals

Coupons are a great way to save, and every once in a while we stumble on some exclusive codes. Here are the current coupon offers:

Survival Gear Holiday Deals

The holidays offer some great deals. Survival and prepping aren’t left out- some of the best deals of the year are leading up to Christmas.

If you aren’t looking for anything specific, our range of gift guides will help you out, starting with our largest: Best Survival Gift Ideas for Preppers

Prepping Freebies

There are plenty of ways to get free stuff. We’ve written articles that show several ways to get free stuff, starting with our giveaways:

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