One Second After – Must Read Prepper Fiction

There are plenty of prepper books to read. I group them into two categories: How-to and fiction. How-to books are straight-forward and helpful. Fictional books are entertaining. But wait! There is more to that when it comes to fictional prepper reading!

Why Prepper Fiction?

I believe prepper fiction books are not just for fun, but are mandatory for a proper prepper journey. How could a fictional book be so important? Simple. They provide the motivation and inspiration that allow you to visualize potential events and their consequences. You read about characters, usually larger than life heroes, that somehow know ahead of time how to handle unexpected extreme situations. How do they know how to be ready? They “prepped” and trained for it. By reading their stories, you can learn what they knew and what others in the story didn’t.

The Most Important Prepper Book to Read

If you haven’t read “One Second After” by William R. Forstchen, you need to! For many people I know, a friend or relative handed it to them and within a month, they were full-blown preppers. Its story is so powerful, people have handed it to their wife and after their wife reads it, she is literally suggesting ways to improve your preparedness! Do you want your spouse to help you with prepping? This may not work for everyone, but I know for a fact that it has worked for several people I know. Including me. So pick up One Second After (Here on Amazon for $10 or less)  and jump-start your prepper journey. Get hooked and read the other two books in the series while you are at it.

Another Helpful Title

I know of no other books as important as One Second After, but another book in my line of must-reads: “A Distant Eden” by Lloyd Tackitt (Here on Amazon) A Distant Eden is exciting and, while probably less realistic, a valuable inspirational book for preppers. If you get hooked you won’t be left idle since he wrote four more books in the series. I found each book less and less plausible, but still fun to read and helpful to a prepper mindset.

Read Prepper Fiction!

Thanks to Jeff E for reminding me how helpful these books were to my journey. He happens to be the one who first handed me One Second After. There are many other inspirational prepper fiction books out there. Not all of them will present realistic scenarios that could face us in the future. Part of the fun is picking out the unlikely, then visualizing and mentally preparing for the more likely possibilities. Once you mentally prepare, then physically prepare, you’re good to go! So read prepper fiction, have fun, and be safe by being smart,


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One Second After - Must Read Prepper Fiction

FJ Bruiser

I have experience from years of actual prepping, including survival food, tools and weapons, and even a buried bunker. I am an Air Force veteran that began thinking about surviving disasters during the Cold War when the Soviets threatened mutually assured destruction. Trained in Red Cross disaster assistance, Community Emergency Response Team, and radio communications.

2 thoughts on “One Second After – Must Read Prepper Fiction

  • Completely agree with you. This is the book that made me start prepping seriously. I just finished the third book (The Final Day). A very good read. All three books in the series are well written and informative.

  • The Lake by William P. Crawford is pretty good too, but it isn’t quite as believable in its exact plot either. Still entertaining and will make you think though.


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