Mira CM-6M Gas Mask Review

I’ve seen a lot of gas masks. In the military, I ran gas chambers around the globe and taught the proper wear and use of a wide range of protective masks. One thing was always stressed- trust in your mask is important. That was the point of exercising in CS (tear gas) chambers- to build confidence in masks and understand why proper fit is important. Mask confidence is one area the Mira Safety CM-6M excels.

Mira Safety has been rapidly converting the globe to their protective equipment. With over 10 countries now sourcing from them and using their gear in active conflicts, they have been making a splash in a niche sector once dominated by Avon, MSA, and 3M. Their CM-6M mask has been part of this rapid growth, providing excellent value with military-grade CBRN protection.

Disclaimer: A special thanks to Prepared Bee for shipping us this specific mask shown to review. No compensation other than the mask was provided, and it did not affect our opinion based on our decades of experience with protective masks, including this one and other Mira models.

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Mira Safety CM-6M Gas Mask

CM-6M Specifications

  • Full-face CBRN protective mask
  • Single lens for wide field of view (77.6%)
  • Material: Bromobutyl rubber
  • Over 30-hour mustard gas penetration
  • Mask Weight: 20 oz
  • 6-point adjustable harness
  • One size fits most
  • Uses 1-2 40mm filters (not included)
  • Hydration straw w/ included 900ml canteen
  • CE certified
  • EN 136:1998, Class III
  • EN 168 Impact Protection
  • Sold in East Europe as Gumárny CM-6 (without drinking tube)
  • Made in the Czech Republic

The Mira Safety CM-6M is an inexpensive, versatile, military-grade respiratory protection solution developed in 2013. Don’t let the ‘civilian’ designation fool you- it offers the same protection and an improved field of view over the CM-7M military mask with the sole drawback of a worse rifle cheek weld.

What They Got Right

The CM-6M gas mask is one of the best protective masks on the market for chemical, biological, and radiological personal defense in a reasonable price range. The bromobutyl rubber mask is a huge upgrade versus silicon masks when it comes to chemical warfare agents. The head harness is very adjustable with the 6 straps for the one-size-fits-most face piece.

The dual 40mm filter ports are one of the better features of this mask. You can put a filter on both for easier breathing, or you can wear one on your non-weapon side. 40mm is a NATO standard, so it is easy to find replacement filters.

The best part of the mask was the hydration tube design. It is out of the way and has an external toggle that swivels the straw in reach or out of the way inside the mask. The canteen connector has a great home in front of your right ear, making it easy to reach and quick to use and put away.

The CM-6M is compatible with a wide range of accessories, from canteens to Camelbaks. A voice emitter can also be attached to the front of the mask to be able to project your voice more easily. You can clean the mask using warm soapy water, but only after removing the filters. Don’t use bleach or alcohol wipes since they can yellow the lens and break down the mask itself over time.

CM-6M Drinking Water with 40mm canister Integrated Hydration

What They Got Wrong

One drawback to the CM-6M is that some feel nickel-and-dimed with the accessories. You’ll need filters- they aren’t included. You’ll probably need a mask carrier- it’s not included.

Those that complain about these must be getting used surplus bundles because that is simply how new gas masks are sold.

While the military masks may be issued with everything you need, they aren’t sold like that. Logistics teams have to order filters separately too, and just issue them in bundles to troops along with the mask.

If you get a brand new 3M or MSA mask, you’ll need to purchase the accessories (including the filters) separately as well. Mira Safety actually slightly outdoes 3M here, since they do provide the integrated hydration straw and canteen with the mask.

Plus, the filters are sort of ‘open source’. 40mm is the NATO standard, so you can find a wide variety of filters to fit the mask that are not necessarily Mira Safety brand.

The second drawback specific to the CM-6M is the panoramic visor. This design is most similar to the 3M 3800 models and the MCU-2P, where the mask is raised off of your cheek. This can cause issues with a good rifle cheek weld, even if you cant the weapon inwards. Mira Safety advises using the CM-7M for tactical operators but acknowledges that the CM-6M is better for virtually everyone else.

Our Experience With the CM-6M Gas Mask

Teaching CBRN classes around the world has lent me a vast amount of experience with a huge range of masks. I’m appreciative to the military for the opportunity it provided to travel and learn and for all of the great friends I made along the way.

Nothing quite prepares you for real-world threats. I’ve been exposed to real-world chemical, biological, and even radiological threats and have my protective gear to thank for still being here. Trusting in your gear is the only way you operate effectively when you are confronted with these situations- whether that gear was a fully encapsulated SCBA HAZMAT suit or a ‘banana’ radiation suit with an M-40 mask.

Dealing with militaries around the globe let me check out a variety of equipment. Some European countries use some pretty old gear and were glad to borrow an M50 when encountering actual nerve agents in a controlled environment. Since then, I’ve seen some of those very same countries sign up with Mira Safety so I was curious to try out their masks a few years ago.

What I discovered then, and reiterate now is the value provided by the CM-series masks. You can’t find bromobutyl rubber construction in a brand-new mask (or even a used one, in the M50’s case) at a lower price. Lower-price masks will require a second skin or hood to prevent mustard gas and a few other chemical agents from quickly deteriorating the mask in a matter of minutes.

Where to Buy the Mira CM-6M

Because of Mira Safety’s rapid growth in the global military and police sectors, there are many outlets to source a CM-6M gas mask from. But few offer the price and service you can find with Prepared Bee. They consistently provide prices close to wholesale, ship quickly, and offer payment plans:

*Price at time of publishing; check for price changes or sales.

They also offer some of the accessories you may need, including the 40mm filters you need to buy for the mask to function.

Mira Safety CM-6M Accessories

Due to the widespread popularity and adoption of Mira Safety, accessories are relatively easy to find. They are virtually limitless, with plenty of 3rd party vendors starting to develop attachments and Mira using the widely available 40mm filter attachment.

  • Mira Safety NBC-77 40mm Respiratory Filter – you need at least one, two will mount on the mask, and multiple are best for backup storage.
  • Mira Safety MB-90 PAPR (40mm attachment) – see why this topped our recent best PAPR review roundup.
  • Camelbak Type M Hydration Adapter – The CM-6M comes with an integrated drinking tube and canteen- but this will allow you to use a Camelbak.
  • MIRAVISION Spectacle Kit – Upload your prescription for custom mask spectacles. 75% of Americans have some sort of vision correction- don’t let your mask hold you back.
  • Mira Safety Headset Mic – If you are using a two-way radio or other communication devices, you may need an integrated mic to be understood more clearly.
  • Mira Safety Projection Unit – An add-on to the mic, this amplifies your voice letting you clearly communicate to everyone, regardless of whether they have a radio.
  • Mira Safety Parts Kit – Valves don’t typically wear out easily, but after about 5 years of normal use (or shelf-sitting)- it is definitely something you want to inspect. Go for the deluxe parts kit if you store your mask with the harness stretched over the front.
  • Mira Safety PROFILM – Go with clear or tinted (if you plan to be outdoors), but either way, these quick-tab protective films are great for protecting your mask lens.

As you can see, there are enough accessories out there to fill an entire shopping cart. At the minimum, get a few NBC-rated 40mm filters- but don’t overdo it.

CM-6M with PAPR Tenet Christopher Nolan Movie
A CM-6M with 40mm PAPR and headset mic getting it done in the 2020 film Tenet.

Mira Safety CM-6M User Manual

The CM-6M is a relatively simple mask, but it never hurts to have the manufacturer’s manual on hand. We host it here on our site so you can access it and print it easily:

If you’re a fan of printing free stuff, we have a whole stash of survival related pdfs for your to check out in our library: Free Survival PDFs, Manuals, and Downloads [Prepper Library].

We got tired of the redirects and potential malware, so we host and deliver them across https without any of the annoying ads you might find from other sites.

Protection and Limitations

This mask will protect you from a huge range of inhalation hazards, including those related to NBC (nuclear, biological, and chemical) weapons and accidents. Equipped with a proper filter, it can stave off chemical warfare agents for at least 30 hours- including blister agents which are notoriously vicious on lesser masks.

Some of the best uses for this protective mask include:

  • Around the house – it’s great in dusty and moldy conditions
  • Chemical accidents/attacks – with the right filter, you can get through almost any shelter-in-place scenario or chemical warfare agent.
  • Biological toxins, epidemics, and pandemics – from anthrax to novel viruses, this mask with an NBC filter will protect you.
  • Radiological particle exposure – mostly known as fallout, this mask can stop isotope particles and alpha particles.
  • Smoke – smoke particles are stopped, but not heat and oxygen deficiency.

This mask will not:

  • Supply air – even equipped with a PAPR, this mask will not work in an oxygen-deficient environment (caused by fires, confined space, or certain chemicals).
  • Work underwater – (see Supply air above)
  • Work without a filter – and hot swaps (changing the filter while wearing the mask) are harder than they look
  • Work with a beard – With standard 40mm filters, this mask will not work if you have a beard. We have found beard gas mask solutions using a PAPR or a hood, but it is not recommended by the manufacturer.

Be aware of the limitation and this mask will serve you well.

Rusty in a CM-6M Gas Mask Reviewing it and Loving the Fit

The Final Word

The CM-6M is one of the best masks you can get. While 3M is cheaper and Avon offers the US military standard issue, the CM-6M is the only option that covers the full NBC spectrum at a low cost. The thick bromobutyl rubber will keep you protected but is still lightweight enough to be tolerable for long periods. If you are in the market for a protective mask, you should definitely consider picking up the CM-6M.

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MIRA Safety CM-6M Gas Mask Review

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