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This is an updated guide on military eBay-type websites. We will continue to update as more military surplus sites emerge and as more deals are found.

If you are looking for military vehicles, survival equipment, or even bug-out land- there are a few little-known military surplus websites that you should check first. I’ve always been a fan of auctions because they give you the opportunity to get amazing deals on niche equipment.

The US military budget is about 750 billion, and only a small percentage of that is spent on military personnel. The rest is spent on operational costs and one of the largest chunks is procurement. There is a massive amount of revolving military equipment making its way into the secondary market each year.

The surplus military equipment ends up being sold off, usually in large lots to contractors. Some of these contractors run websites to sell to the public, similar to eBay. You won’t find any firearms or heavy weapons, but you will find vehicles, communications equipment, generators, military clothing, and much, much more. These websites are the best for thrifty preppers and survivalists looking to maximize their dollar with proven MIL-SPEC equipment.

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Gov Planet

Leading off our list is Gov Planet- run by the well-known Ritchie Bros. auction company. Gov Planet is a government surplus auction site that lets you bid online for various items located all over the US.

You can find a huge variety here, from a John Deere excavator all the way to a lot of 67 bayonet blades. If you need it- you can find it on Gov Planet. And that’s just in one day’s auction- these auctions happen every day!

Military cargo truck from Gov Planet, a military eBay-type website.
Cargo trucks, Humvees, generator sets, field gear, and ammo cans are popular auctions.

The only drawback is that smaller items are lumped into gigantic lots. Wholesalers can be found competing on this site to stock their military surplus stores or their own military eBay storefronts. If you check out the auctions, you will definitely find something you’ve been needing. Visit to catch a bargain:

GSA Auctions

GSA Auctions is an auction site similar to Gov Planet but run by the actual government. It has much less equipment on it, however. The government actually has a large suite of websites that it uses for different types of auctions. lists all of the different government auction sites and even suggests finding your local state auction site. You can buy land, homes, and plenty of stuff seized by the IRS and US Marshals. Find GSA Auctions and the other websites listed here:

Uncle Sam’s Retail Outlet

Uncle Sam’s Retail Outlet used to be a huge online outlet for military surplus goods, but times change and so does where we can get the best military equipment. Since 2015, USRO moved to mostly in-person sales throughout their stores in the Midwest.

Uncle Sam's Retail Outlet old website is a defunct website now: old, with broken links.

All of their equipment can now be found on eBay, and they still give their classic great service, with over 15,000 positive reviews and 100% positive feedback. eBay lets them sell in much smaller quantities than sites like GSA Auctions and Gov Planet. This is great for stocking individual kits and smaller items. Check out USRO:

Military Surplus on eBay

Besides Uncle Sam’s, there are plenty of other military surplus dealers on eBay. To be accurate, there is about 37 times as much military surplus on eBay past the USRO store.

Before you buy new, give military eBay supplies a search to see if you can get a great bargain. Shipping on small items is not a whole lot, and you can find some quality gear. I’ve found gas masks, flashlights, multi-tools, and plenty of other valuable gear for a fraction of the price on eBay. The available gear is always changing, so make a habit to check back often. Check out military surplus on eBay:

The Best Military Surplus Gear to Look For

There is way too much ex-military and ex-government gear to list, so what exactly should you look for? Some of the best finds I’ve stumbled on include:

  • Gas Masks (M50, MCU-2/P, Israeli, etc) – see our top reviewed gas masks.
  • Rucksacks, Duffles, and other Bags
  • Military Clothing
  • Ammo Cases
  • General Storage Cases (From CONEX to small Pelican Cases)
  • MOLLE/ALICE Accessories
  • Safes
  • Generators
  • Vehicles and Trailers
  • Bug Out Land/ Houses – see how you can get free land too.

It’s not just basic issue stuff for sale: there is tons of great equipment from deployment packages and specialized units that get pieced out as well. All of these finds are excellent for filling out your basic kits:

You can do a lot worse than grabbing some military surplus for dirt cheap on stuff you were going to need anyways.

The Final Word

I may be a little biased, being in the military for several years, but I can’t turn down checking out some military surplus every once in a while. I know those that have served like to gripe that the equipment isn’t always the best, but the US military is the best so the equipment can’t be that far behind it.

After testing tons of equipment for this site, we tend to notice military equipment rising to the top in a few key categories: durability and functionality. Military equipment is meant to function in a harsh, unforgiving, disaster-like environment. For the most part, it can handle the punishment. This makes military gear an excellent choice for survivalists and preppers.

Here are a few other guides our subscribers have found helpful:

I hope you find some great gear on these sites. Even though they are not well-known, there can be some bidding competition on the hot items. Also, be sure to check your area for local military surplus stores. You can find great stuff and meet like-minded people there. You can also check out our Deals page, which we update frequently if you are looking to stretch your dollars to fill out your survival kit.

Keep exploring, stay prepared, and be safe.

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