Get Home Bags

Get Home Bag Guide

A comprehensive get home bag guide for preppers both new and experienced.

This is a dynamic guide curated by all of our authors. TruePrepper Get Home Bag Guide is constantly being updated with up-to-date and accurate information, so please check back frequently for updates.

Get Home Bags (GHB) are for one purpose- getting back home to where most of your supplies are. This task-oriented kit usually has a change of clothes, some tools, and sustenance to get you home in a worst-case situation. Preppers usually carry this bag on trips further than walking distance, such as commuting to work.

The Basic Get Home Bag

Our basic get home bag checklist with recommended gear for each area. 

The Bag:

Survival Knife:


Water Solutions:

Food Solutions:

Fire Tools:


  • Pistol and/or Nonlethal Solution


First Aid:

Miscellaneous Tools:


Miscellaneous Extras:

  • Hygiene Supplies