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Emergency Car Kit Guide

A comprehensive emergency car kit guide for preppers, both new and experienced.

This is a dynamic guide curated by all of our authors. TruePrepper Emergency Car Kit Guide is constantly being updated with up to date and accurate information, so please check back frequently for updates.

Car Kits, or Vehicle Kits are preparedness kits you keep in your vehicle. There should be items and tools to repair your vehicle if needed, and other considerations based on threats in your area. For instance, if it is a possibility you may become stranded in your car from severe winter weather, you may need to keep a blanket, water, and food in your car kit. Sometimes these kits are combined with a Get Home Bag, but kit duplication is never a bad idea.

The Basic Car Kit

Our basic car kit checklist to keep you on the road.

The Car Kit Foundation

Severe Winter Weather

Being trapped in a car during a severe winter storm can become a deadly situation quickly. Here are several items (in addition to the basic list) that can improve your survival chances if you live in an area prone to severe winter weather:

  • Ice Scraper and Snow Brush – a good ice scraper and snow brush can make a huge difference if you are using them everyday.
  • Tire Chains
  • Hand Warmers – These things can make a miserably cold situation a lot more tolerable.

Additional Specialized Kits

An emergency car kit is a common specialized kit that can help you every day or in an emergency. Here are some other common specialized kits:

Emergency Car Kit Guide