Bug Out Bags

Bug Out Bag

Bug out bags, also known as 72 hour bags or Go bags, are usually used to bug out from a location. Survival tools, food, and water are the cornerstones of these kits. They are individual kits, meaning that even in a family, you spread food and water storage across each person's bug out bag rather than storing it all in one or two. This follows the important guideline of resource dispersal and gives each individual a shot at survival, even if separated. There are a few variations of bug out bags designed for different functions:

  • Get Home Bag (GHB) - kit designed to get you home to your supplies rather than away to a bug out location.
  • (INCH) I'm Never Coming Home Bag - kit designed to support survival indefinitely .
  • (SCARE) Social Chaos and Response Emergency Bag - kit designed for the biggest wildcard in emergencies: other people.
Bug Out Bag