Free Prepper Gear

We host our own giveaways and hunt down great deals daily- but there is one more way you can get prepping and survival gear cheap: free prepper gear. Free stuff can be found all over the internet if you know where to look.

We’ve previously promoted ‘free gear’ that had shipping and handling fees, which obviously makes them not free! We’ve pulled all of these listings to make room for the truly free stuff that won’t cost you a dime- even the shipping is covered! Below, we list out the best options on where to find the free gear with absolutely no cost.

Free Prepper Samples

Your opinion matters. Really! Companies are willing to give you free stuff in exchange for it. Here are the major companies that give out free gear and samples just for a thumbs up or down:

JustFreeStuff – Another website with a wider variety of freebies. Sure, they have some samples but they also have larger items and giveaways. Instead of the catalog format, like PINCHme, they update the site regularly and send out updates to their email subscribers.

Check out what they have and sign up for their updates to be able to move quickly on the newer stuff –


Review for Free Survival Gear

Do you already own some survival gear or prepping tools? Chances are that if you do, you could leave a pretty good review on how it’s been holding up for you. Leave enough reviews and companies will send you gear for free just to keep the reviews coming!

Amazon – Did you know Amazon will start shipping you free stuff if you give enough well received reviews? The secret is engaging reviews with photos and/or videos. Focus on a niche (like survival gear?) and it will increase your likelihood that you will become a ‘top reviewer’ and get gear from that niche.

Learn more on how to review for free prepper and survival gear at Amazon. –

How to Review Amazon Products

Make Friends with Other Preppers

Seasoned preppers not only provide great, FREE, knowledge but we also tend to buy things in bulk. Plenty of times, if you have prepping buddies, they’ll end up sharing some of their swag with you that was purchased in very large quantities. Here is our guide on finding and reaching like-minded preppers:

How to Find Preppers in Your Area.

Enter Prepper Giveaways

Giveaways require a little bit of luck to get your free gear, but they can be rewarding. Here are some of the biggest prepper giveaways giving away great survival gear:

TruePrepper Giveaways – It’s no secret that we host huge giveaways every year. We also throw in a few flash giveaways on our social media pages, so be sure to check those out! You can join the tens of thousands of other preppers following us on:


The Final Word

In addition to free gear, you can also get stuff for dirt cheap by checking out our daily deals page. We hunt down the best deals on the internet and share them every day so that you never have to pay full price on prepping supplies to complete your survival kit.

Thanks for stopping by to check out the free prepper gear deals we’ve curated from across the web. Be sure to share with your friends and family so they can take advantage of the prepping freebies available.

Free Prepper Gear