12 Prepper Gifts for Father’s Day [2023]

This post has been updated multiple times from our original Father’s Day Gift Idea Guide that was first published in 2017. Check back every year to find the best Father’s Day gifts for that tough-to-buy-for prepper in your life (or to update your own wish list).

There are always exciting new tools, gear, and equipment being developed for preppers and everyone knows Dad likes the new gadgets or the proven ones that are just plain useful. Whether it’s the new solar phone charger or a tried and true knife, one of the gifts below should be just the ticket to having a happy prepper dad on Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is coming up soon- it is June 19th this year. The gifts below are listed in order of cost, so you can find the perfect thing for your prepping pops and for your budget.

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Gerber Shard Keychain Tool ($7)

The Gerber Shard is a great addition to any prepper’s keychain and starts our list as the cheapest gift. For $7, your dad gets a robust tool that is nearly impossible to break and is useful on any keychain- even a spare. We’ve all had several of them and have even written up a Gerber Shard review on these handy tools.

*at time of publishing

Smith’s Pocket Sharpener ($11)

Smith's Pocket Sharpener

Sure, there are better sharpeners out there but this one has crazy versatility for its price and size. You can sharpen a variety of blades, and even get the serrated edges with the fold-out tool. The Smith’s PP1 Pocket Sharpener is a great gift, and a great add-on for any knife gift too.

*at time of publishing

100 Deadly Skills ($13)

100 Deadly Skills

This book is great. The skills are very straightforward and blunt, and the pictures are very thorough. While only a few of the skills are usable, the rest of them are entertaining at least. This book would double as a great guide for directing scenes from action movies- the situations it prepares you for are quite over-the-top. This is great if your dad is really into tactical gear and bug out prepping, or if he has a great sense of humor. 100 Deadly Skills is a best seller for a reason, and it’s worth picking up for Dad just so you can skim through it before you give it to him.

*at time of publishing

Mechanix FastFit Gloves ($13)

Mechanix FastFit Gloves

Gloves that are durable but also go on quick are hard to come by. Mechanix got these gloves right, and they are a great price of almost half of the more rugged glove cost. Mechanix FastFit Gloves are even more lightweight and great for mobile prepping kits. If your dad is always on the go, these might just be the perfect inexpensive gift for him.

*at time of publishing

Field Box Ammo Can ($15)

Field Box Ammo Can

Just what every prepper needs- more storage. This field box ammo storage can is a great buy for a prepper and is the perfect size for small kits. You may be asking yourself “do I really just want to get a box for my dad on father’s day?”, but this is an awesome, rugged, lockable polypropylene field box ammo can and it is perfect. If you still feel bad about buying a box, get something else that is small and put it inside. There is plenty of room and plenty of room in your budget at this price.

*at time of publishing

Lock Picking Kit ($19)

Lock Picking Kit

Don’t just give your dad some gear for father’s day- give him a skill! Lockpicking is easy to pick up and try, and easy on the wallet as far as hobbies go. This inexpensive lockpicking kit is a great starter kit, with picks and a see-through lock to learn how locks work mechanically.

*at time of publishing

Sawyer Mini Water Filter ($21)

Let’s face it- if your dad is a prepper he probably already has a LifeStraw. The LifeStraw, however, is consumable and will run its course after drinking through it over a long period. You could buy him a backup LifeStraw, or you could upgrade him to the Sawyer Mini. The Sawyer Mini can filter 100,000 gallons at .1 Microns (the smaller the better). And it comes in a variety of colors, so be sure to snag the one he would like best.

*at time of publishing

Gerber Dime ($26)

Gerber Dime Multitool

A dream for prepping and Dad’s keychain. Small enough to always be there when you need it, and strong enough to be used as often as you want. The Gerber Dime is hard to beat as far as keychain tools go, and picking one up is a foolproof way to get on Dad’s good side.

*at time of publishing

BaoFeng UV-5R Dual-Band Radio ($27)

If your dad is not a HAM radio hobbyist, the BaoFeng UV-5R makes a great gift. If he has a lot of HAM equipment, he likely already has this or something similar. Other preppers use these as weather radios and emergency communications. Your dad can’t go talking to everyone he hears with this new toy- you need a license for most frequencies. Be sure to pick up the USB charging/programming cable as well.

*at time of publishing

Solar Charger for Smart Phones ($37)

The Nekteck 20W Solar Charger connects using a USB cable and has a chip to change the amperage it provides based on what is plugged in. Lightweight and durable- you can even lash it to a backpack while hiking to recharge your phone. It is highly rated, and a great new gadget for your dad on his special day.

*at time of publishing

Teton Scout Internal Frame Backpack ($80)

This backpacking pack is known in prepping circles to be a steal for a Bug Out Bag. The low-cost, high-volume backpack is able to hold a huge amount of gear and is very comfortable as well. Getting a good fit is very important when picking out backpacks, so we would encourage you to let your dad know to return it if it does not fit well. Or better yet, take him to pick a pack out at an outdoor sporting store (although you may spend a lot more for it).

*at time of publishing

Ontario 8667 RAT-5 Knife ($85)

This fixed blade knife is the holy grail of survival knives. Full tang, Made in USA, durable sheath, 1095 carbon steel blade, and micarta handle- this knife has it all. I love all my RAT knives- the RAT-5 is my favorite fixed blade and I use the RAT folder for my EDC. If your dad is at all into survival or good, quality knives, the RAT-5 is a sure bet. It is simplicity and functionality balanced to perfection.

*at time of publishing

The Final Word

I would be thrilled as a father to receive any of these gifts for father’s day, but above all, I would value spending time with my family. Take time out to give Dad a call and spend some time with him if you can. Hopefully, we’ve helped you with your shopping list, and have given you a few ideas to check out. If you are looking for some more ideas, check out:

Lastly, here are my thoughts on how being a father shaped me as a prepper. This might give you some insight into where your dad’s headspace is as he tries to be prepared for his family.

Keep exploring, stay prepared, and be safe.

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12 Prepper Gifts for Fathers Day

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